About us:

Pro Bono Dental program was originally initiated by Dr. Ben Fong in February 2015. The program is aimed to assist low-income earners who requires severe dental work and have no financial means or dental subsidy. The goal is to connect these individuals with volunteer dentist that are willing to provide the treatment free of cost.


The program was first introduced on CBC news (click here to view the clip) to the general public following a Pro Bono Treatment with DR. Ben Fong.  Subsequently, hundreds of request were send into PBD website and the search was underway for more volunteer dentists. Dr. Fong was the main speaker for the Dental Charity Ball which took place at the Museum of History on April 11, 2015. The Pro Bono Dental Program was officially introduced to the dental community on that day. As a result, many different professionals sign up and are contributing to the cause.